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KALÒN Sneakers are produced as a unisex style, our sneaker sizing are TTS (True To Size) Please use the table below as a reference when choosing your size. If you do wear a half size then going up to the next nearest size is what KALÒN Sneakers recommend.




38 7 4
39 8 5
40 9 6
41 10 7
42 11 8
43 12 9
44 13 10
45 14 11
46 15 12



KALÒN Sneakers was launched in February of 2019 after 3 years of development and a lifetime of vision, that vision was to create an Australian sneaker label that designs, develops and sells its sneakers both locally and across the globe. the name KALÒN -pronunciation ka-lon (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep came about as the sneakers that we design are about providing not only a great looking sneaker, but a sneaker which provides comfort, durability and performance. KALÒN sneakers is starting to break into the Australian sneaker scene which itself, is still developing. the scene is such an exciting place to play and the has matured from what it was only a few years ago, there are more sneaker brands and styles on the tables along with unique pop culture pieces that are linked to the sneaker scene. KALÒN sneakers mission was to offer a local brand that provides great styling and quality while being within reach of every sneaker fan or sneaker head.


KALÒN sneakers doesn’t simply want to be an online player, we want to bring our sneakers to the public and we do this by attending sneaker events such as the sneaker freaker festival in Melbourne and other major events like the Kickzstand tour. it’s about getting in front of the sneaker heads so they can touch and try the sneakers and meet the KALÒN sneakers team, it’s about being authentic. the support received to date has been tremendous, our team is already working with some major names on collabs which will serve to bring out some great designs and allow creativity to rule the look of the sneaker. KALÒN sneakers are looking forward to introducing more sneaker designs and will, at some point in the future design and offer fitness gear that aligns with the ethos of the company.