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What Drives you?

Being a business owner and the mother of an 8 month old is hard work, if you read my bio at KALÒN SNEAKERS and read some other articles on Mogul you'll notice that I have always been a motivated person with the goal of running my own sneaker business at top of mind.  

What drove me then was a burning desire to bring my own sneaker label into existence and create a gender neutral style that anyone can wear, and is within reach of almost anyone in the market for a sneaker.  Well suffice to say I believe I've got to that point and there's still so much work to do in these early days of running a business, and I don't believe the love for that work will ever stop as long as I'm still passionate about what I do.

To say that I'm happy with where I'm at sums up perfectly the way I feel about life right now, as a young woman I am happy with what I've achieved from a personal growth perspective and in business.  The icing on the cake came when little Sienna came into this beautiful world, and the moment they put her in my arms everything changed, for the better.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not running around hugging trees and making daisy chains while giving out free cuddles to those in need.  What changed was my perspective on life, and how sweating the small stuff didn't really matter anymore, what also changed was what drives me. 

What drives me now that I've become a mother is my beautiful daughter, that crazy little munchkin that keeps me up at night, doesn't give me 5 minutes to have a shower and keeps the washing machine and dryer going for what seems to be 24 hours a day.  

Yep, that little human who keeps me really busy is the very reason I have a new found drive that seems to get me through all of the above and keeps me smiling at the same time.

Being an already motivated person and now having a little one has only amplified my desire to succeed, but it's no longer about my success, it's all about success for her and being an example she can learn from.  By success I mean teaching her through what she sees that you can be a strong woman and still be nurturing and caring when needed, that you can be a business woman, a mother, a partner, a friend and most importantly, to respect herself and her own opinion of herself above all others. 

I'm looking forward to this journey where I can do what I love and at the same time share the growth journey with my beautiful daughter.  She is now what drives me, in every way!

I hope every one who reads this also finds what drives them.