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The Juggling Act - Balancing Launching a Business & Motherhood

Well here I am, it's 4am and I've just fed little miss 8 week old, while I'm at it I'll get online and post another great photo for my business KALÒN SNEAKERS.  Three hours later and it feels like ground hog day, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Balancing a new born while launching a business and having a hectic family social life sure has it's ups and downs but it's so worth it.  Despite my eyes feeling like sandpaper is under my eyelids I am so proud of managing to be a first time young mother, new business owner and social butterfly.  I think having a purpose and a passion get's me through even the toughest days, and boy there have been a few of those lately, but when I see my baby girl smile and I get another order for my sneakers I just can't help but smile. 

I remember watching a motivational clip a while ago and the message was about 'How Badly do you want it' in reference to success, no matter what that means to you.  That resonated with me and it's just kept ticking over in my head every time I feel tired or flat or anything other than motivated.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and hope that some of this resonated with someone else reading it, and even if this makes one person think, smile, push on or just feel the slightest bit better then I'm so glad I've shared a bit of me. 

Aint no hood like motherhood.