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Part II - Instagram Removes Like Counter – The Humble Influencer

From screaming banshees to the now humble influencer, what a turn of events it has been over the last week on Instagram.  If you haven't read part I then I invite you to for the sake of context. 

Don't get me wrong, there are genuine influencers out there who really do put out product suggestions because they believe in what they are putting forward, they are authentic in what they do and how they deliver their message.  On the other side of that equation are some influencers who will advertise just about anything, many believe that these sorts of influencers are not credible and their followers, in the most, also perceive them as lacking credibility. 

And even the banshees that were screaming only a week ago have now embraced the change….  How funny it is to see many of those that were furiously protesting the removal of the like counter are now embracing the change with comments like ‘I fully support this’ and ‘we should never judge ourselves on likes’.  

Funny how only a week or so ago these same people were charging others a dollar value based on the like count, the original protesters to the change have now seen that in general, the majority of users endorse the change because the everyday user just wants to share content.  The like counter was never intended to be commoditised and used as a measure of dollar value or, more importantly ones self worth.

I honestly believe that users of the platform will now begin to post what they want, content they just want to share, not what will outperform the last post.  I think this fear of how well a post performs from a likes perspective has stopped many users posting authentically, or stopped them from posting at all.  

Let's see where this journey takes us in the coming months, it's going to be an interesting ride that's for sure.  Either way I still believe that any issues on all of these types of platforms, from bullying to shaming to fake followers and falsely inflated egos all comes down to human behaviour.  

Platforms will only ever be able to do so much to control these behaviours, it's up to us, the users to make changes in the way we interact with each other in this ever evolving digital world.