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Nothing Replaces Hard Work - The Promise of an Easy Win and Why it just won't happen -Part1

I just wanted to share my recent experience as a business owner around getting some exposure for my label KALÒN SNEAKERS.  As a new business you're always looking for ways to gain exposure and get the word out about your business' products/services or to gain traction via the media. 

So you go about doing some research and looking at cost effective ways to get some help, the bottom line is we all want to be successful in what we do, and what better way to achieve that than gaining exposure.  

After several hours on the web I came across what appeared to be a legitimate business that seemed to fit the bill, and that was to send out a Press Release to hundreds of media contacts, contacts which I simply don't have, with a view to getting it published. It's not what I do, I design and make sneakers, I don't have a degree in PR or Journalism so no-one in that space is within my influence sphere.

So I read through all the 'testimonials', watched the video and read through the entire site, I wrote up a Press Release following their guidelines to the letter and paid my one off fee and waited.  I immediately received an email from an individual at that business welcoming me and I was genuinely excited about the prospect of a write up.

A few days go by and and I receive an email from a prominent fashion magazine, excited to read the email I checked in right away and upon reading it I just shook my head.  It was not an offer for a PR write up, far from it, the magazine had reached out and offered me the 'unique opportunity' to advertise with them at a 'heavily discounted' rate of $13,000 AUD for a 1/4 page spread with editorial.....  Ummmm not what I signed up for, and to say I was disappointed would be a gross understatement. 

I let it go initially and several weeks later there was not a single genuine offer of a PR write up, editorial or anything like what was suggested I would be inundated with by this organisation that I had paid to connect me with these media outlets.  

Now I would not normally worry too much about something like this but I thought to myself, no, it isn't good enough and don't take me for a fool.  More so, I was wondering how many other new small businesses have had the same experience of getting nothing after being led to believe there would be several offers of a Press Release write up. 

I made a decision to call them out on their false promise and wrote up a pointed email to them, highlighting the lack of response and particularly that if I had wanted to 'pay' for advertising then I would have called that magazine myself and arranged it myself.  To put it bluntly, I told them that I would have had a better rate of return by putting that money I paid them on black at the roulette table at the Casino.  

Part 2 Coming Soon, stay tuned.